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In the midst of procrastination, I finally learned how to play “White Out” by Joan of Arc and recorded a quick version on Garageband using only MIDI sounds. Enjoy!

joan of arc cover white out

Vampire Weekend - “Ruby Soho” (Rancid cover)

I’m not crazy about Vampire Weekend but this cover (and the fact that they decided to cover this) is pretty great.

via Abeano Music.

vampire weekend rancid ruby soho cover indie punk

The City on Film (Bob Nanna) performing “(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland” in New Brunswick. 200… 5? Unfortunately I was low on memory so I couldn’t record the whole song. Anyhoo, enjoy!

bob nanna braid city on film cover emo

Neutral Milk Hotel’s “King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2 - 3” performed by Dragonzord in Philly at The Ox on Halloween.

philly neutral milk hotel dragonzord cover halloween

Neutral Milk Hotel - “King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1” performed by Dragonzord at The Ox in Philly on Halloween.

neutral milk hotel cover philly halloween dragonzord

Knapsack - “Arrows to the Action” and “Katherine the Grateful” performed by Edhochuli at The Ox in Philly on Halloween.

Excuse the shaky camera work in the beginning, I was rocking out pretty hard.

halloween knapsack cover edhochuli

Fugazi Cover Band (Of Sorts)

On 10/30 and 10/31 (and maybe 10/29), my band Rapid Cities is playing as FUGAZI for Halloween. So a whole set of Fugazi covers.

Here’s what we’re playing:

More details to come!

rapid cities fugazi cover halloween