Sri Lankan-American Filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Perfect Movie Scenes - “Vying for Husband’s Attention”

Opening Night - dir. John Cassavetes

directing favorite scenes john cassavetes

Mineral and Gloria Record have tons of great snow day songs. Here’s one of them.

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Amazing use of lighting and blocking to tell the story within a master shot. Yi Yi is full of these kinds of moments. 

cinematography edward yang

Perfect Movie Scenes - “Feelings of First Love”

Yi Yi - dir. Edward Yang

favorite scenes directing edward yang

Perfect Movie Scenes - “I’ve Seen It All”

Dancer in the Dark - dir. Lars Von Trier

lars von trier favorite scenes directing

This song!

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Never heard this Red House Painters tribute to John Denver before. So good!

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An ongoing playlist of songs that I regularly air drum to

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Some pieces from the show at161

photos by Adrian Littel

Some great collage work from Edward Mcgrath


Listen to "How Will We Cross the Seas?" original film soundtrack by v/a

Featuring The Brothers Mcgrath (with a score reminiscent of MBV meets Joan of Arc), Dark Moses (cynical punk folk), Real Good (90s-esque indie rock), and Communipaw (alt-country/folk/emo-ish).

The “How Will We Cross the Seas?” mixtapes have arrived! They include awesome jams and the digital download for the movie and soundtrack. 

They are available for $5 from I Love to Hate Records. Stream the record and order a copy here.  

You can also pick up a copy of the tape, see the film, and listen to the bands on the soundtrack at one of our screening events! 

THU - MAY 2 - BROOKLYN @7pm - $5*
@Brooklyn Fire Proof
w. Communipaw, Real Good, Keith J. Varadi, and Jacob Pastrovich

FRI - MAY 3 - PHILLY - @8pm - FREE
@161 West
w. We Are Fauna, Real Good, Ex Wife, and Edward Mcgrath

SAT - MAY 4 - NEW BRUNSWICK - @5pm - $7
@Alfa Art Gallery
as part of the Omega Sound III - Electronic and Experimental Music and Art Festival

*Free mixtape with admission

Hope to see you there!

short film mixtape soundtrack


A couple old blind contours made new!  Getting prints ready for sale…

I would love a tattoo of the Ecto 1!

The Female Orgasm Law - watch more funny videos


The Female Orgasm Law

A new law has men freaking out.

Our wonderful actress from “What About Romance?" is in this!